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Simplifying the process of Sales

We started SalesAtWork to allow mobile sales teams to operate at higher levels of effectiveness through the introduction of standardised processes. Being out the office often meant mobile sales teams were disconnected from what was happening. As SalesAtWork we wanted to ensure mobile sales teams were connected with an organisation’s sales operations.

Commencing in 2011 our aim was to deliver an advanced, yet simple solution for mobile sales teams to utilise. With a focus on admin reduction, SalesAtWork brought measurable efficiencies to organisations direct sales teams or to be the management layer for outsourced sales and merchandising teams.

With Promotional Trade Spend being an integral part and direct cost of sales, SalesAtWork created an integrated product that ensured the ideal of simplifying process was extended to this area as well. While our aim has to be change what is possible, by making advanced solution affordable to the small and mid-tier market, we do not operate alone. With the help of our customers we are constantly evolving and reinventing how sales operations can be transformed.

Operating across the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, SalesAtWork aims to be at the forefront of an everchanging technology landscape.